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Picture of poured earth walls for passive solar gain

Picture of equipment for the pouring of sustainable , high mass walls







      Poured earth is a new method for an age-old process.

For as long as man has been around, he has used earth as a building material. Continuing the tradition through present day, modern earth builders have employed primarily the techniques of adobe block and rammed earth. Both processes, however, require large amounts of time and strenuous labor. Today, the earth-building industry is witnessing a revolution. Imagine a building with 16" wide walls being built in the comparable amount of time as standard construction. This is now the reality of architect and builder, Michael Frerking, principal of Living Systems Sustainable Architecture (LSSA) and Living Systems Building Group (LSBG).


Picture of sustainable design of poured earth walls for passive solar gain


• Create the heating and cooling system
  for  the entire building.

• Require little or no maintenance.
• With the addition of MGO (magnesium   oxide) the walls createa net zero
  carbon footprint.

• Provide quiet, comfort and health.
• Last for hundreds of years.
• Use on-site or local soils.




Design "Net-plus" homes that actually   produce excess energy and water as well
  as eliminate CO2 emissions.
  about sustainability and net-plus homes.
Make available to the middle market   elegantly designed sustainable homes.
Meet a higher standard than LEED for   HOMES for residential construction.
Create buildings made to last for   generations but which, at the end of
  their life span, can be regenerated or   recycled.
Employ the use of local renewable   resources.


Picture of sustainable design of poured earth walls for passive solar gainFor those who want to use Poured Earth as a building material, Living Systems can provide the necessary testing and coordination for your project. The process begins with preliminary testing of poured earth mixes to establish compressive and tensile strength and shrinkage characteristics for your specific project and site. Through the development of a specific materials mix, Living Systems makes sure that all engineering criteria for your project are met.

These mixes are designed for strength, durability, ease of mixing, and delivery and placement. They are also designed to use the most earth-friendly additives available. Living Systems will work with your local concrete supplier and concrete pump service to establish a team effort where everyone is "on board.

Please contact LIVING SYSTEMS about your project by calling
928-710-2413 or by email: info@michaelfrerking.com.