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Hall and pillars


Kitchen to Master Bedroom




"Michael is a genius! Not only is my home extraordinarily beautiful…. it is super energy efficient……exceeding any LEED rating! I would also recommend Michael's design/build approach as Living Systems was able to design and build my home on time and on budget….something most contractors are unable to do!"

Johnnie Hurn





"We are approaching the final months of construction on our fabulous new "net-zero" home: one that will produce more energy and water than needed. We want to thank Michael and John of Living Systems for making this process both exciting and enjoyable from start to finish. We have finally achieved our dream home."

"Your outstanding creativity, attention to detail, and commitment to our vision have made our new home a place of great beauty and a model of sustainability."

Steve Tidwell and Suzanne Teachey




Front of the Tidwell homeInside and outside


Living Systems (Sustainable Architecture and Building Group (LSSA & LSBG) generally have several projects going at one time…. one or two in design and one or two under construction. However, Living Systems pledges to always limit their projects so that their clients are assured integrity of service.

NEW CONSTRUCTION: Finished in September, 2013.

An amazing NET-PLUS home in Prescott, Arizona.

What is a “Net-Plus” home?  It is a home that provides more energy and water than needed.  The result…. energy returned to the grid (for a profit) and water returned to the earth to replenish local aquifers. This well-constructed  and highly insulated building meets European standards that are at least 20 years ahead of those in the United States. It also exceeds most LEED standards.

Living Systems Building Group broke ground on this project in June 2012.  The project took 15 months to complete -- from initial groundwork to native landscaping -- due to the highly innovative, state of the art technologies including in this remarkable home:

•  High efficiency (R-32) mass walls with a low carbon footprint
•  High R-value roof:  R-50
•  Tri-door insulating system that raise all doors to total R-10.5
•  All windows R-7
•  18,000 gallon water harvesting storage system
•  Night sky radiation (NSR) cooling system
•  Light reflector decks
•  Super high efficient insulation
•  Heat recovery ventilators
•  Graywater recycling to flush toilets
•  Water sequestering landscape avoids run-off and recharges

Follow the entire Construction Process of this "Net-Plus" home.....



OBF Cultural & Educational Center - Lagos, Nigeria

Acting as Special Consultant for Poured Earth, Training and Architectural Design, LSSA is helping to make an impact upon the larger community of Lagos.....socially, culturally and economically.

Ovie Brume Foundation: This memorial project in honor of the late Ovie Brume, is both a Youth Centre and Library and Resource Centre. Expected to break ground in late spring, 2015, this private cultural and educational project is to be built in the heart of the southeastern expansion of Lagos, Nigeria.

OBF Rendering

The concept for this low to zero maintenance building draws from local traditional earthen architecture and translates this to contemporary culture, both in design and in construction. Community participation (including local craftsman) and ecological solutions are to be highlighted in order to raise awareness of the potential for an environmentally conscious approach to building. Methods used in construction will also be simple enough for any standard builder in Lagos to understand. The Ovie Brume Foundation project, in partnership with Mappmundi Design and in collaboration with other international Special Consultants such as LSSA, will offer hands on training to local community members.

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